What we are reading

December 2020
HARDY – A Mathematician's Apology

January 2021
KAFKA – The Metamorphosis

February 2021
PLATO - The Sophist

March 2021
THUCYDIDES - Peloponnesian War [Book VII-VIII]

April 2021
Aristotle - Politics [Book VII-VIII]

May 2021
New Testament [Gospel of John, Epistle of Paul to the Romans, 1st Epistle of Paul to Corinthians]

June 2021
Augustine – The City of God [Book V, XIX]

July 2021
THOMAS AQUINAS – Summa Theologica [Part II-II, QQ 1-7]

August 2021
GILBERT - On the Loadstone

September 2021
DESCARTES - Rules for the Direction of the Mind

October 2021 
DESCARTES - Geometry

November 2021
PASCAL - Great Experiment Concerning the Equilibrium of Fluids, On Geometrical Demonstration

December 2021
MONTESQUIEU - Spirit of Laws [Book I-V, VIII, XI-XII]

January 2022
FARADAY - Experimental Researches in Electricity [Series I-II], A Speculation Touching Electric Conduction and the Nature of Matter