Help! I can't access the old messages archive!

This page is for troubling-shooting for those new members who have just subscribed and who have subsequently discovered that they cannot access the Yahoo web interface and that they cannot access the old messages archive. I get this question from several different new members every year, so I hope this page helps answer your questions on this particular problem.  

This problem arises only for members who have subscribed to our yahoo group via an email address, instead of subscribing via a yahoo groups user profile.

Since you're already a member of our Great Conversation group, you can already post messages to the group by sending an normal email message to:

You also will see any brand new messages sent from other members as they will automatically be sent to your email address and be received into your inbox. Be sure to check you spam box from time to time to make sure your email's spam filter isn't mistakenly catching legitimate emails from Great Conversation members.

However, if you have subscribed to our yahoo group via an email address, there is one limitation to the way you've currently signed up as a member. Here is why the problem arises for some people. Yahoo groups allows people to subscribe in one of two ways. Either to subscribe through email address alone, or to subscribe from a yahoo profile. If you are experiencing the difficulty of being unable to access the Yahoo groups web interface, it is almost certainly because you've signed up for our GreatConversation group via email address alone. Unfortunately, there is no way to access the web interface of Great Conversation on yahoo with only an email address subscription type. I order to do that, you'll need to subscribe having previously set yourself up with a yahoo profile. Once you set up a yahoo profile, you can then re-request to subscribe to Great Conversation, which we will approve immediately if you tell us when you've done it what your user profile is. Then you'll have full access to all the web interface tools. I hope that makes sense. Let me know if you have any questions, or if you're having trouble setting up a yahoo profile.

Just to clarify, there is nothing wrong with the way you've currently got your subscription as via an email, because you will be able to post messages to the group and you will receive all new message posts from other members as they are posted. The only reason you would need to subscribe via a yahoo profile is if you really want to see the archive of old message posts, and if you want access to other features of the web interface to the group.


If you have any questions, or if any of the above does not make sense, please contact me by sending an email to: